Rabbit log management

The Rabbit Breeding App is a comprehensive tool designed for rabbit breeders to streamline and manage their breeding operations effectively. With features like pedigree creation, health record tracking, and lineage visualization, it simplifies rabbit pedigree management. The app allows breeders to record essential rabbit information, generate informative pedigree charts, monitor health records, and share data with ease. Its user-friendly interface caters to both novice and experienced breeders, making it an invaluable resource for anyone involved in rabbit breeding, promoting efficiency and organization in the process.

Detailed Assessments

Record and track rabbit's general characteristics, head and body type, fur and color assessments

Breeding Dates Management

Record dates to get notificatios for palpate, nestbox, rebreeding, weaning and kindle date and much more...

Finances Management

Record expenses and profits and categorize costs based on different types

Print & Share Pedigree Charts

With our app, you can:

  1. Create Detailed Pedigrees: Easily input all relevant information about your rabbits, including names, genders, dates of birth, colors, and more.
  2. Visualize Lineage: Our app generates visually appealing and informative pedigree charts, allowing you to trace the lineage of each rabbit in your breeding program.
  3. Record Health Records: Keep track of important health records, vaccinations, and medical history for each rabbit, ensuring their well-being.
  4. Share and Export: Share pedigrees with fellow breeders or export them in various formats for documentation or printing.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive interface is designed for both novice and experienced breeders, making it easy to navigate and input data.

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to efficient pedigree management. Try our Rabbit Pedigree Generator today and take your rabbit breeding to the next level!

Customers are loving Rabbitry App!!

“Great app! Been using it for years already but this is new Google account. Devs are super people, I asked for 2 new patterns to be added and they did it immediately, super suprised and very impressed, absolutely worth the monthly subscription."

Jupiter Leborne

Play Store

“I really like this app. I read alot of the reviews and decided to give it a try. I was having trouble printing out the pedigrees. I was able to get with there Customer Support and Hassan Basri was amazing. I am not very Tech savvy and he walked me through the process and helped me solve my problem. And this was on New Years day. How often can you get help on a Holiday?"

Michael Litchford

Play Store

“I really love this app and just bought the premium, which I usually never pay for any apps...but I know I am going to find this app useful and use it for years to come. This app has features that other apps don't have that are very useful and convenient and all for $2!! (and that's only if you get premium, which I highly recommend) I have tried other apps and just keep coming back to this one. Very satisfied! And their customer service is excellent and they respond to you within a few hours!!"

Heidi C

Play Store

"Love this app!!! Its really helpful to keep track of my breeders, babies, retired, sold, culled, and passed away rabbits. I also love that I can see cost vs profit in my financial part! I love that you can record all the mating pairs, litters, and dates! $2 a month for premium is a great deal for all the features this app has, you wont regret it! Very happy. 😁"

YouTube Lover3

Play Store

"Great app for tracking rabbits and breeding. Has options to record detailed conformation, coat, ect. Auto calculates dates in premium. GREAT COSTUMER SERVICE! Fixed bug within 24 hours of being told."


Play Store

"Best app ever! It helps me keep track of all my rabbits and when I have a litter due. If you ever need help with the app to you can text them and they respond really fast."

Hannah Stocker

Google Play

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